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Who's Afreya Mimiron?

Alternate titles: More like Mimiwrong! or: We Winiron! or: Mini Mimi and the Botbot Battle of the Millenium.

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13 Jul 2009 by carwin


Two months and many bosses later, the front page is finally updated! Shame it's full of lies...

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23 Jun 2009 by carwin

It's a Trap!

Watchers ventured into Ulduar for the first time, and learned that it's more than just a prison for an Old God...
15 Apr 2009 by carwin

Celebrating the Carwin New Years

This time last year I wasn't a giant frickin' slacker and actually wrote this on New Years like I was supposed to.

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26 Feb 2009 by carwin

Oh Well,Thuzad

Yeah, well... you try make a pun out of friggin' "Kel'Thuzad." It sounds like nothing. It's not even clear how you pronounce it!

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24 Feb 2009 by carwin

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